FAQ’s & How To

Getting Started

Device Requirements

Minimum requirements for my devices.

Operating System: Mac OS 11 + / Windows 10+
Mobile OS: iOS 15.0+ / Android 10+
Browser: Chrome 107+ / Safari 14.0+ / Firefox 96+/ Edge96+
Internet Speed: Minimum of 20Mbps for optimal playback

What about my Internet Speed & Quality?

Please Note: Variances in your local network and other external factors may impact your viewing experience even if your speed is typically 20Mbps or higher.

Can I watch on my smart TV?

Most smart TV web browsers are supported and are able to to view the event.
If you are trying to use a Smart TV to watch these events, we suggest you try test with free concert footage to ensure this works for your specific TV.


Things to know

Important guidelines

Refund Policy - Live Events.

If you order access to a live stream, you may cancel your purchase up until the start time of the Event. Once the Event has commenced, a refund will be issued only in the following cases:
1. You made double/multiple purchases in error using the same registration/login data. 2. The live stream was not available because of cancellation by the promoter. 3.If you are unable to access all or part of the PPV Event due to technical errors on our part.

Refund Policy - Video On Demand.

Once a VOD event is purchased, a refund will be issued only in the following cases:
1. You made double/multiple purchases in error using the same registration/login data.
2. The VOD event was not available because we removed the programming.
3. If you are unable to access all or part of the VOD event due to technical errors on our part.

PPV How to...

Buy and view a stream.

Paying for an event.

Choose your event (live or vod) and click/tap BUY NOW button in the event player.

1. The Payment process will be explained.
2. Clicking the Proceed to payment button will open a window with payment gateway.
3. Choose to pay via your Paypal account or with credit/debit card directly.
4. Once your tranasaction is completed please check your email for further instructions

Using my access Code.

1. You should check your email for confirmation of your purchase , your access code and other details relating to access to the event.

2. Click on the event url to go directly back to the stream yo purchased and enter the access code.
3. Copy the code provided and return to your browser.
4. Click on the player button ALREADY HAVE A TICKET?
5. paste the access code in the empty space and press enter.

Can I watch on watch on multiple devices?

Only WatchParty subscriptions allow multiple users. Your event can only be viewed on 1 device at a time Pay As You Go access/subscription.
If a second device is connected, the first device will be logged out automatically and a warning message will be displayed.

Warning: Do not share your account information with others, or you may be unable to access the event.

Payment Options

Non card transactions.

WiPay Voucher

WiPay is blazing a trail as a digital payment solution in the Caribbean.
You can purchase a voucher in your local currency at any authorised outlet - Bill Express

go online to the Ticket portal and select your event(s).

Add your items to the cart, checkout and enter your personal details.

Select WiPay voucher as your payment processor and enter the Voucher code and complete the transactions.

You will get a payment confirmation email and then second email outlining your ticketing details.

Online Bank Transfers

Select events will offer local currency payments for access. Banking details will be made available to patrons interested in an event.

Payment must be made 24-48hr prior to the event for confirmation.

What happens when I use these options?

Please note that your access code is not instant as the in-player options.

You will experience a delay in receiving your ticketing information.

We recommend your complete the transactions in advance of live event especially!

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